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Personal one-on-one business coaching

Just what is business coaching and what are the benefits to me?

  • Often business owners will “hit the wall” and have thought – progress – fallout. Because busy owners tend to “run the business” important plans and actions never get started and completed.
  • Businesses evolve and change as do owners and their circumstances. The why and purpose are modern questions that sums up condensed thinking and is helpful.
  • Focus also changes and can become blurred and confusing, this is problematic in completing actions and thus being able to move on.
  • A good business coach will have a balanced and empathetic view of the complete business and owner and will bring together plans, discussions, accountability, and motivational insights that have been lost or are waiting to be discovered.
  • I work with a memorandum of understanding which outlines some expectations and obligations. This is available to be emailed upon request. This is not a one size fits all programme.

My coaching programmes are custom-made to suit your needs and budget.

Typically coaching begins with weekly meetings of up to 2 hours for the first 3-4 weeks. Thereafter, by agreement usually 4-6 weekly intervals.

First consultation is free

My first consultation is free, where we can discuss the basis of your needs going forward and if we feel there will be value in working together. Thereafter, I operate on an hourly basis, and I will be happy to discuss this with you at our first introduction.

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Areas of expertise I can help with

Business exit / sale planning, preparation & options

I can help with – How do I sell my business myself – How much does a broker cost – What are the most important considerations prior to selling – What’s my business worth?

Cash flow / management improvements

Cash is King. Managing cash flow, allowing for seasonal fluctuations and unexpected issues/costs are critical for a successful business. Cash flow slow, I have some speedy ideas.

Growth / expansion options and process

Do you know the hidden costs & consequences that come with expansion & growth? Want to know how to validate & justify your thoughts & plans.

Immediate issues 'put the fire out!'

Is a particular problem keeping you awake at night? Yes we all suffer from our very own “head critic” Got a problem giving you out of proportion issues, I can help you put it to rest!

Goal setting and action planning

What’s more important setting goals, values, actions or vision/mission statements? I have the answer! When is the last time you updated your business plan?

Vision statements and leadership

Do you think you’re a “pretty good leader” How do you know, who told you? Like an impartial opinion? Can you quote your Vision statement, does your behaviour reflect your Values? Do you know what Kaizen means?

Motivation - are you sitting at the roadblock?

Procrastination is the killer of our dreams. I can unlock the real reason for your lack of motivation.

Stress overwork & time management

What are the consequences of stress and bad time management? I have some answers and they will surprise you.

A little bit about..

I am an impassioned and experienced businessman. Running my own businesses since 1973, the fourth generation in a family of Wellington business owners dating back to the 1930’s.

My first business was a retail bookstore/news-agency in central Wellington (which I established with my wife Maggie) – Freeman’s Lotto & Cafe. We took that business from 2 to 16 staff, opened the first Lotto franchise in NZ, expanded and added a Cafe, and grew the turnover every consecutive year for the 25 years we owned it.

My next business venture was in Real Estate with Harcourt’s. In my first year, I achieved “Rookie of the Year” and then took an opportunity to buy into the franchised business. During this time I revised & updated the Property Management division of the company, while myself and my partners increased turnover by 49%.

From success in Real Estate Sales & Property – Management I moved to Business Broking with New Zealand’s leading broking company ABC Business Sales. This move gave me a wide and sympathetic insight into everyday issues confronting business owners.

Moving on and back into business ownership, I joined my wife and daughter in ownership of The Costume Company. This successful family operated business was eventually sold down with a Huge Sale of stock & costumes, an event that gained national TV and Newspaper coverage.

With my wealth of business experience and passion for the ongoing development and success of our Capital City, I now share my business experience and wisdom with Wellington Regional business owners as a Business Coach.

I am an accredited Mentor and have won many awards for my services to Business Mentors New Zealand and the Pacific.

HARD talk with a soft center


As a Business Mentor Russell guided me through the establishment phase of my private tour and corporate hosting business. Russell grasped the concept of my business proposal from the start, and importantly, took my personal motivation, ethics and principles into account when dispensing advice. As a friendly, reliable and experienced business mentor or coach, I can highly recommend Russell.

Rose O'Connor
Private Tours & Corporate Hosting

I met Russell through a business mentoring service when I was in the very early stages of planning my startup. I found Russell to be proactive and engaging. He was particularly skilled at checking my business considerations in a conversational way – this was really reassuring when I found that I had thought things through well, and, more importantly, did not freak the shit out of me when I found I hadn’t.

Dean - Mean Doses
Brewery & Fillery

We used Russell as our Business Mentor/Coach when our business was growing in its early stages. Russell was great at making us think and setting us tasks in between meeting which gave us a focus and direction that is sometimes lost in the busy day to day running of a creative startup.

He created talking points and discussions about the practical aspects of how to grow the business and the direction we wanted to take it, which made us accountable for the decisions we made. Meetings were always enjoyable and fun as Russell is easy to talk to, with a great sense of humour. We created a strong brand and several years later we are thriving as a small creative NZ business in a competitive retail market.

Cat McKay
Natty - NZ Jewellery & Gifts

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